Business Litigation

Business Litigation: More Than You May Think
Business litigation, you might think, may only involve two businesses in a legal dispute, or an individual brining a case against a particular business. However, business litigation entails much more than just these things. You might just be surprised by what business litigation does entail! In this article, we will take a closer look at the things that fall under the title of business litigation. If you need advice on any of these issues, give us a call today and let us set up a consultation appointment with you.
Many people have investments (or will make investments in the future) that they would like to protect. When you feel that you have been cheated by your broker, or a broker has acted in an unethical manner, business litigation steps in to resolve the issue between the broker and their client. Such cases can come about due to a large loss of money from the client of a broker, or may results because a broker forced a client to take an investment in something that the client did not really want to invest in, or was not sure about.
Copyright Law
Have issues with something that you think you patented, but another business is now using as their own? Or perhaps you have been making something exclusively for your business, but another company or business has started to produce something eerily similar, despite the fact that you have patents and copyrights? This is another place where business litigation may have to be used to resolve the conflict. In many instances, this may mean that the other business (if convicted) may have to pay your money and stop producing your product, or their product which is very similar to yours. Copyright law may not just be of interested to businesses, but also to individuals or organizations and institutions holding patents.
Business Insurance
Lastly, we come to insurance. When businesses are covered under insurance and something happens, they often times naturally assume that they are entitled to fair value for damages. This is true. However, when insurance companies will not pay a fair price, or refuse to cooperate, business litigation may be able to help. If you feel that an insurance claim made by your business has been underpaid, or has not been paid at all, and you are entitled to your damages, give us a call today.